Cosmetic smile makeovers in Great Neck

What exactly is a cosmetic smile makeover? It’s a comprehensive revamping of the way your teeth look, including the replacement of lost teeth, covering up imperfections, and restoring the natural brilliant color of them. At the practice of Mark Heller DMD, you can get a brand new smile in a shorter time than you might imagine, and with results that will last you.

There are four components that our cosmetic dentist in Great Neck employs on your behalf: implants, bonding, veneers, and teeth bleaching. The strategy used for you will be unique based on your needs and preferences. You may not have any missing teeth, for example, or your teeth might be white enough, but have a lot of chips, misshapen or crooked teeth, or wide gaps between them. Regardless of how few or how many teeth need the attention of our cosmetic dentist in Great Neck, and how many specific issues there are to address, the overall treatment is simple and effective. Implants are the ideal solution for giving you back your complete smile. They look and feel like your real teeth. They even perform like them. And that is because they are built like real teeth, with not only a tooth above the gums, but a root below them. Your white teeth are there somewhere, beneath the stains of coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, berries, and other everyday items. Our whitening treatment reveals the bright smile you remember from back when. Veneers and bonding are similar in their goals, but one may be more suitable to you than the other. Or you might benefit most from a combination of them to get the desired outcome.

Our cosmetic dentist in Great Neck looks forward to seeing you for a consultation and examination. Discuss your goals, get your questions answered, and get started on transforming your smile. Contact us now to make an appointment.

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