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Dentist near Great Neck

Gum disease can cause a great deal of damage, including tissue loss, tooth loss and bone loss – especially if this disease is left untreated. Routine dental exams, thorough oral hygiene habits, and other forms of preventative measures can be observed to keep gums healthy. Our dentist near Great Neck can also provide assistance with comprehensive preventative care and with gum treatment in the event you have gingivitis or a more severe form of this disease. With the help of our dentist, Mark Heller DMD, you can improve and take care of your gum health no matter what.

It’s important that people of all ages take care of their gums. Gum health can generally be helped with the same methods you would use to prevent cavities. It’s important that you brush gently along your gum line, floss, and avoid decay or disease causing foods and beverages (usually things high in sugar) while drinking plenty of water. But gum disease, like cavities, can still occur. It’s important that you pay attention to whether your gums begin to feel sensitive and tender, and to whether they look swollen, red, or are even bleeding. These are the first signs of gingivitis, and it should be treated as soon as possible. Though gingivitis is mild, it can easily become worse. The presence of these symptoms means that your gum line has already begun to recede so immediate care is needed. Here with our dentist near Great Neck, Mark Heller DMD, you can get routine preventative care as well as other gum treatments if you end up developing gum disease between visits.

If you need routine preventative gum care or if you believe that you have gingivitis or more severe forms of periodontal disease, then please call us to set up an appointment with our dentist near Great Neck as soon as possible. Mark Heller DMD will then be able to provide you with the preventative care or gum treatment you need.

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