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Dentist office in Great Neck

Dentist office in Great Neck

If you’re missing most of your teeth and you don’t want to have an invasive surgical procedure to restore your smile, you might want to consider dentures as a possible option. Dentures are also a great option if you don’t qualify for dental implants. Your first step should be to see our experienced dentist, Mark Heller DMD at our quality dentist office in Great Neck for a consultation.

A denture is a removable appliance that consists of artificial teeth that replaces your missing teeth. If you have lost most of or all your teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease or due to an injury, they will need to be replaced for both health and aesthetic reasons. When you lose teeth, your facial muscles will sag. Dentures will fix that by filling in the appearance of your face and therefore, will make you look better. Dentures will also allow you to do important daily activities like eating, speaking ang smiling, much easier than you could do without them. Although dentures have many fantastic benefits, you’d need to see if you’re a candidate to get them. When you see our expert dentist at our dentist office in Great Neck for your dentures consultation, he’ll discuss everything with you and will take the time to answer your questions. He’ll also address any concerns you may have. If you decide to get dentures, our expert dentist will provide you with all the information you need. However, it would be a very good idea to learn about dentures through a consultation before you decide to get them. We highly recommend that you to book a dentures consultation appointment with Dr. Heller in our warm and inviting office.

If you’re interested in getting dentures, we invite you to contact our dentist office in Great Neck to schedule a dentures consultation appointment. Our expert dentist and the rest of our team look forward to meeting you soon.

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