Sealants and Fluoride in Great Neck

Great Neck pediatric dentist

Great Neck pediatric dentist

At the offices of Mark Heller, DMD, our Great Neck pediatric dentist treats kids and their teeth in a friendly, fun atmosphere. Sealants and fluoride are just some of the ways that we work to prevent cavities from forming on kids teeth, along with other preventive measures like proper brushing and flossing. Our offices are always staffed with a friendly face, and we make sure to keep up to date on latest dental practices and to stock our offices with the latest in dental technology. Test results need to be accurate, as do x-rays, and all of our dental tools should be of top notch quality.

Regular pediatric dental exams and cleanings can help to ward off kids’ cavities and other dental hygiene issues that they suffer from. Sealants can also go a long way in preventing dental problems by acting as a barrier between the teeth and bacteria that can cause problems. Cavities are usually caused by buildup of food and debris that cause bacteria to form plaque and tartar over teeth, resulting in tooth decay. Cavities can be treated with fillings, which are made from composite materials, filling the holes created in the teeth. They can be prevented by brushing and flossing daily, following a good oral health care regimen, and for kids, having sealants placed over teeth by our Great Neck pediatric dentist.

For more information, feel free to call our Great Neck pediatric dentist so that we can help answer these and other questions about sealants, fluoride treatments and cleanings for kids. Fluoride treatments can help protect teeth and prevent tooth decay and eventual gum disease. Gum disease is brought on by having cavities, plaque and bacteria trapped in between teeth. This can contribute to swollen gums and premature tooth decay, which can be painful. The earlier kids learn good hygiene, the better their teeth will be in their lifetime.

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