Sleep apnea treatments in Great Neck

Great Neck sleep apnea

Great Neck sleep apnea

The very idea that your breathing may become shallow or stop entirely overnight is an unsettling one. That’s what happens when you have Great Neck sleep apnea. And at the dental practice of Mark Heller DMD, you can expect the expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment that offers you relief from both the immediate effects of the condition, as well as the possible long term consequences, including heart complications.

What causes this problem in the first place? Being overweight is a major risk factor, and smoking, alcohol consumption, and sleeping pills may all contribute. Some of the typical symptoms of Great Neck sleep apnea are feeling tired during the day even when you slept through the night, headaches, dry mouth, sore throat when you wake up, night sweats, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, waking in the middle of the night with a choking or gasping feeling, and sexual dysfunction. Two key indications are ones you cannot know without the help of an observer, such as a bed partner or during a sleep study. They are snoring and restless sleep. Speaking of sleep studies, you should have one done in advance of getting the most appropriate treatment. The way that your Great Neck sleep apnea is addressed will depend on the severity of it, along with your specific needs and preferences. Lifestyle changes are also very helpful. Losing as little as 10% of your body weight can reduce sleep disturbance by up to 25%. Sleeping on your side can also help. Treatment options vary, and our dentist will work with you to find the one that will produce the best possible results, while also suiting your comfort level.

For help with Great Neck sleep apnea, even if you’re not sure you have it, please contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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